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we are back now with more of "today" on a wednesday morning. it's the 20th of january 2010. we've got some nice people hanging out on the plaza this morning. on kind of a balmy morning, compared tohat we've had over the last several weeks. we thank them for hanging out. meanwhile, just a couple of meters away inside studio 1a, i'm matt lauer along with ann curry and natalie morales. and we've got al in rain-soaked southern california this morning. and boy, the people out there have had a nasty spell of weather. and al, you're in the midst of it right now. >> that's right. this is the constant family home. they have had literally ten tons of mud moved out of here. to give you a sense of this
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stuff, it is literally like quick sand. you put your foot in, and then trying to pull it out, i mean, it is like quicksand, and it keeps coming down. this area, la canada flintridge, almost 500 homes have been evacuated. yesterday we had a tornado in huntington beach. we've got this heavy rain coming. we're looking for about one to two inches of rain here, maybe even four inches in the foothills. some areas may even pick up six inches. this is not the worst of it. the worst of it comes tomorrow with another bigger storm. so, it is a real mess. they have done all this to try to save their home. they're afraid they're not. look at what they're up against. you can see some of the mud slide activity over the last 24 hours. it's a mess. and this is what they're trying to save. they're trying to save their home here, but they're really afraid that with what's coming tomorrow and as mud comes down here, it may literally knock the home off its foundation. and this story's being repeated over and over again throughout this area, guys. >> all right, al, thanks very
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much. we'll get back out to you in a little while. we'll check in for your local forecast. and we've got a lot of other things ahead. also in the news this morning, as we've been reporting, a 6.1 earthquake, an aftershock, actually, hit around 6:00 a.m. eastern time this morning in haiti, since last week's earthquake. it sent people screaming into the streets. there are still miraculous stories of survival, but will this new aftershock, a 6.1, hinder the desperate efforts and the search for more survivors? remarkable how many people are still being pulled out alive. we're going to get the latest on this from lester holt, who is in port-au-prince. >> a lot of heroics taking place there in haiti these days. >> absolutely. definitely. plus, on "today's money 911," help for your money emergencies. our expert panel is going to take on everything from dealing with post-divorce finances, building your own and understanding your credit rating and how to save in these tight times. a lot to get to. ms. curry, you have the top headlines. >> that's right. first, the aftershock in
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haiti. more than a week after haiti's devastating earthquake, a powerful aftershock this morning, magnitude 6.1, sent people running into the streets and sent rubble falling from already damaged buildings. this after more survivors were pulled from the rubble last night. nbc's lester holt is in port-au-prince this morning again for us. lester, good morning. >> reporter: ann, good morning. i keep thinking, how much more can these people take? they've already been living outside, many because they're homeless, some because they're fearful of the frequent aftershocks, but this was the biggest we felt so far, and there were screams in the fields around us where people have been living. they don't have a lot of options except those who have relatives outside the area and then the government is encouraging them to move away, if they can. all this, of course, threatens to perhaps weaken buildings that are already precariously standing after the quake last week. the good news is, urban search-and-rescue teams continue to make progress here. it keeps happening, survivors beating the odds. >> go 90 degrees the opposite
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way! >> reporter: new york and virginia rescuers dig six hours to find a boy and girl, tiki and sabrina, alive. [ cheers and applause ] pulled from beneath what had been a three-story house. >> they're all right. they're just thirsty and need food. that's about it. >> reporter: it wasn't the only thing people here had to celebrate on tuesday. the arrival of u.s. marines choppering into the capital was met with cheers. they also air-lifted supplies from the "uss battan" to a coastal community that until now had seen little, if any, aid. the u.n. security council voted to add an additional 3,500 u.n. troops to help secure food distribution in an increasingly volatile country. where people scavenge what they can. but it's not just the hungry getting anxious. relief groups also feeling frustrated, unable to get their supplies here quickly enough. >> you know, haiti wasn't built to accommodate the capacity of
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incoming people and equipment and materials that are coming into it right now. >> reporter: as the plight of the living grows, there have been wildly varying estimates, as high as 200,000, of the number of dead. the u.s. says a substantial number of americans remain unaccounted for. here's why we'll never know exactly how many people died in the earthquake. we've already told you about those open pits, mass graves, where people are systematically being buried without being identified. then there's roads like this outside of town. it's a garbage dump, and we found interspersed in the garbage and concrete debris, human bodies, people who will never be identified. we'll never know what their nationalities are, either. today the u.s. air force is expected to evacuate hundreds of american citizens who have been anxiously waiting for a chance to flee this wounded country. and this morning, most of the 53 haitian orphans who were flown to pennsylvania tuesday are
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already out of the hospital, soon to be united with their new adoptive parents. the u.n. says it will get food to five times as many people this week as it did last week. and ann, we should note with regard to that field, that dumping ground of bodies, we traveled a short distance away, found a crew that had been digging mass graves. we asked them to please go cover those bodies up. they left immediately to do that. >> all right, lester. lester holt, thank you so much for your reporting on this important story this morning. a political stunner in massachusetts, where republican scott brown has won the senate seat held for almost 47 years by democrat ted kennedy. brown's win takes away the democrats' filibuster supermajority in the senate and could have a major impact on health care reform. brown defeated his democratic opponent 52% to 47%. this morning, the obama administration's choice to lead the transportation security administration withdrew his nomination. confirmation of earl suthers had been blocked by arizona senator
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jim demint who worried that he would allow tsa employees to join a labor union. today, congress is holding hearings on the christmas day attempted plane bombing and intelligence failures leading up to it. top fbi and homeland security officials are among those who will be testifying today. there is a major recall this morning of strollers and another one involving cribs. 1.5 million graco strollers have been recalled. the passage, alano and spree models. officials say that the hinges on the strollers' canopies can seriously injure children's fingers, and cribs are recalled for parts that can detach and strangle a baby. for more information, go to back to you, matt. >> that stroller story is scary. >> scary. >> it is. okay, let's go to soggy los angeles for a check of the weather from al. >> hey, thanks a lot, guys. in la canada flintridge, and this home still trying to battle
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the elements, stave off a mud slide that would knock it off its foundation. and let's take a look, see what's causing all of this. we've got storms stacked up out in the pacific, and you can see that rain coming in now. we've got one area over southern california, but look at this, stretching from northern california and the pacific northwest all the way down. this big slug of moisture getting ready to come on in here. rainfall with this thing, we're talking about two to three inches locally. could be up to five inches. two feet of snow in the sierras, the siskiyous and wasatch mountain range. the storm that came in yesterday is now triggering strong storms, a risk of heavy thunderstorms in the gulf coast, lower mississippi river valley. tornadoes, heavy thunderstorms, rainfall amounts two to four inches, some areas picking up five inches of rain. and then we've got back here in california, tomorrow's storm may dump anywhere from eight to ten inches of rain on top of what
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>> it is going to turn much cooler today. instead of being the fifties like yesterday, we will drop into the low 40's for eyes, and a slight chance for rain or s and that's your latest weather. ann? ♪ money, money, money al, thanks. now to "today's money 911," a half hour of questions and answers about your money emergencies. on our panel this morning, "today" financial editor and author of "money 911," jean chatzky. we've got personal finance expert and blogger mike peru
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here for his first time. and cnbc personal finance correspondent sharon epperson, and natalie is standing by in the crowd outside. so, good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> okay, let's hit it. we've got an e-mail question first from laura in cyprus, texas. she writes, "we've survived 2009, including losing a job, finding a job, selling a house, losing a significant amount. we're starting 2010 with a new home, new job. however, the job is in a company that is still a little shaky. we have a significant amount of money in the savings account, equal to ten months take-home income. my question is, what do we do with that money or portions of it so it is still liquid for an emergey? jeanyouakethat. okay y leave it tre u leav itn aavings accot o money-rket count a high interest rat chki acunt, which you c findy goi t chkingfinderombecaus th's your emerncy moy. and iyou liste to us ove any leth of me, uknow,ha doe y? yone emergcy money, and n mohs ofmergency mon in this enomy wh unemoyment wherwee at,t'ot t much , good jo keep it in
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beyondouren mont, start vestin okay. nowe've g a pho callrom anla in waco, texa angela,hello. what's yr question dear? >> caller: hi. i' 27 and iave no cdit sty. husnd has a gd credi ore, b i likeo impve creto we can b a house some y. shou i on a cdit cdn my name only orithy huand? d willpeni a cret cd tother hur his credit ore? >> that's gooduestion. mike, do you want t te th? >> ah, i ct, thas areat qution. gela, e reaty is at ght wt'seallyard f mebodyithout creto get creditn their n,so, wha you wanto dos te aantage you husband's goodredit and beme an approd user on s cred cd accoun wh that' going to let you d get cardt a good rate and avoi theifficu appcati ocess. you casa aotn that press. it'slso --t's notoing t hurt yr sband's cretust becaeou get a cret card unr his acunt. so, denily, is areat w to stt. d en tugh t formu f fi sre cnged las yr a spouse, y canet a boostn
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your o fic sco justy opening wh hisacunt. so, grt estion gooduc >> okayood swer. huh? >> was jt goingo say, a arrom no t yrs from now,he's going t wanto get a rd justner names a securityrecautio in cas down e road youet divorced sothinli that oy. had to g the, didn'tyou, jean? >>sorr >>ow we' got jeannn ype from rhodesvill virginia. hey, anni whas yr queson >> my question is, i'm going rough a dorce and i modied -- inaubl] n the justeemso be engho pay t expenses eh month. ho do i begin sing agai peally shortermsaving, beusi can see tha down the road i goi to need a new vecle in aut a year o so , that'sy question atuggeions do you ve? >> sharon? >>niou're inituation we wereust talkingabt, dircedndryg to fire ouwhato do. cour,he ergcy fun as welway talk about is s key. ueed get inny. tr the fa you y youe doingha
9:13 am
ready,ut that n b ver suective tm. you al want look at yr fo and disetioryitems, the mon thatou're spending ma se- you may need t cut closero e bone anwhen y start ttin stt saving a buildinghat emerncy fu. that canoo thinghat you mighneed, like perps aew car down the road an tnk abo how y can pay r items lik a n carit maybe king itore of a fixed co. ybe lo into lsi ar, somethg at y can rlly counon wthexpense is gointo be. and al,ind of prent urself fro posblyaving a lot of maj repairs down t ro. but fusg on tt emergency fu and cting a mh as you can d ptinghat mey ay that emgencyesve is ing to be key for you rht w. >>genie, thankou smuchor ur queson. i le ur pitive spin o gettg skny. th's a great w to think abt it. natali i across thetreett deanela. what'sour qstion there? that's rit. ma and lra a he. what'sour questi? >> i hava questio abouthe estate t for 20. no lonr hav anstate x. so, iurusbout 201and
9:14 am
going forwar han you effectel eate plan andhat youhink t estateax will in the ture? >>jean do uant t help us ou >> what d ihink thestate tax ll be? i'm gog tooo intoy crystal ll here a'm going to pdictit. he's thethg, we do know at wwill hen eat x. in factt could com back before11. and , if youe gotn estate of morehan a couple million dollars, you needo sitown with an estatlanning attory andige out if y nee to put a sysm orust inla so that you can pay asewaxes as actuall psible in t evt of sobody's deh. as far ashat the exemion's gogo be,$3 million, $5 llion, probably sometngn that range, b is a goodime too me plannin right w. >> a right. thks so muc for youransw. weavmore queionsnd mor timeso stand by, ople, cause wll be ght backit more estis. d then comin up a ltle t latee're goi to be lking abtomeashi advice that also mes fancial sens high in vitans d, and 2. a odource of vamin a and2.
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>>okay we're bk wh our panel of finci expts and sh of"today mey 911." ma inireld,connecticu ites "i'v been ask by banko gety ficscore so at wca seef we are eligle to renae. wi checkin aretcore wemy cretrang? i know y he coveredhis before, b do youind coving this ain? and ifhenswer is, can you ggest w i can gety score tht lowing mredit tingifso mi, dyou wtoakeis? >>yeah. infact that' aueion i get a t,o it'onderf qution. the reity that,no, checngourwn fico score i nogoing owert andt's t going t hurtou cdit rerd inny wa in ct, ihink it' a gd ea tha you d iofte becae the reali is that millns, mlions o cret reports ha error on them, d
9:19 am
if youave an eor the, th, infactan htour ficoor the sner you f it, t beer offou'reoingo be. wh itomes tim to cck it, i sugges youo t at tha webse, basilly, yore entled becausef a law thatamento play aew years o, treviewll tee of you creditistories aeast oe r year andot pay ythi. ring that ocess,ouan actually pay smaee and see yourico sces. bukeep in minhat you're only going to able s two ofour the,ecause as o st year, one of theagenci, peri, noonger alling consums seeheir own fico scor >> a if you wanto go to anotr bsite,ou canet the fi sco for free iyou go to creditom quzle,hi is slled like it sndsit "q." yocaget yr fico scor >> but mak se you d't just tony site that says ty'll give you a free credirepo, cause th's likely linke to a credit monitoring svice tt will ct you mor money. go to annucreditreportom f
9:20 am
yourrert. >> natalie has another question. i he dawnndarahrom connticut with queion for us goahd. >> sur we wanto gto o a extravagant vation from connecticut to waii in ts onomy, howoeave moy on yearl sis, like nextar? >> who wantso tak it, sro >> i juswent the, set me te u. fit ofall, do a hse swap which the bt thing todo cudown on your hotelbill. th's a wonderfulay to start. that'shat wedid. t etherhing yee to dostart sysmically putting moy ay. i ve a lfiffent pot of mon a i bie inat. you ha your emgey fund, u ha youretiremtfund butou'veoto ve youun moy, andf you ve eugh of your emergencyavingslready done and you c put se mon awayor fu srtoing that w andigur outow mh you n put ay. it mightot benoug to go t hawaiiext yrt might tak a couple of yrs toet there. i hadn'teen there in ten year sot may teom ti. >> ok. i leow y wetalking, too, aboutskny, getng inny >> yes. >>aving for anyoals like gog on a diet yo can't dot all at on.
9:21 am
yo can los ten pous torr, soouigurut how ch moneyo you need t go t waiiyouhunk i down and gureou ay,an i put away 5 a week,$50 a ek do itutomatallyo you don see the moy. and alof a suen, yr money addsup. >>e have a phoneall qstion from paul a fro rmanwn marynd. , paa. >>alr: hi. >>has you qution, n? >> calr: ok, i'm7 and my mom passed awaynune 09. i heritedwoi.a.s, totangppximately $80,00 i dersnd in 20 i'l nd take trn ishere athg ian d to lessenheaxurde on this distbutionnd do u have any sueson a t h can inve the moneyo i w't have to p taxesn igain in t future >>mike, looks like yant th one yeah. mean, this ctually it' on of th trkiestquestis, becaus inherited r.a.s is one ofhe mostomplex aas of person fince, so you musbe ve, verycareful. rmd,hat ula' talking abt, reqredinimum distributi, and tt' t minim amountf mey y mus
9:22 am
ta out eh year fmn inheted r.a. now,he way you pay tes o thats whenouullhat moy t, that' when you heo pay thinco tax. , wt y'l wan to d is ke that rmd a sma as ssib eac yea soha you have ls money to pay taxes on. w, t way iorkss that what you mtostret ou anin thisca,ecause of your a a bause probay your momage, you can auay pay to take outhose dsnd pay xes overbout 30 yes. , you he aong te to pay tas ere, but defityeet with a persona finan eert wi expernce in inherited r.a.s. >> tnk yo me peu and sharon eprson and jn chzk eat advi this morng. if you have naia questions r our panel, go to and wel tak a okt thos qstions for next week. >till tome on "day," more mic fm t lends and frnds, carole ngnd jam taor. u're d. you he no eney. mae yu fe glt or anxus, changes ineigh sleep, and appeti,
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omingp in o nt half hourwherin t worlds tir quds th gfeason i under way. no sign of e golfern e fairways. we're going che o se report also coming , cooking skirt steak lana sty. whoaokay, th'soo female annouer ] at thend of the da a wl of rice kriie.. at dyou he? i ar..."po" think it's sayin "nightight." [ male annncer ] ...sounds ettyood. all done. good job. stache. ♪ [ fele announc ] ilood cli. ve to sekids' irits shine. supetar anmo marna mcbridand nnyd ine sunny taste. nny ir. nny
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am stan stovall. the usns comfort is not expected to arrive in haiti until later today, but doctors have already begun coming for patients. -- caring for patients. lowell melser is on the ship and he tells us that a 20-year-old suffered a skull fracture from debris and a point suffered a pulled a factor when bricks fell on him. both were stabilized within 20 minutes and the young boy was able to provide information about his family. stay with 11 news for the latest updates. additional medical aid from
9:27 am
baltimore is headed to the earthquake-ravaged country, struck again this morning by a 6.1 and 2 earthquake, 31 miles from the capital, port-au- prince. a second wave of deaths as possible. the first group will leave on monday, the doctors and nurses will rotate on a weekly basis for eight weeks. stay with the wbal-tv and for the latest updates, and log on to the web site for more information on how you can donate. let's check on the forecast tony pann. >> the weather should be fairly quiet. a mixture of clouds and sunshine. at the to% chance of our range harbor this morning. most of you -- 30% chance of a rain shower this morning. most of you will have a dry day. thursday and friday, light rain and sleet and snow develop. high temperatures will be in the mid-thirties, and it should
9:28 am
clear up for the start of the weekend. late in the day on sunday, a chance for plain old rain showers. it will be a little bit warmer. >> another update coming to light -- coming your way in 25 minutes.
9:29 am
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♪ the hills are alive with the sound of music ♪ indelibly etched in millions of hearts as maria von trapp in 1965's "the sound of music." julie andrews is still on the silver screen. her new movie "the tooth fairy." she'll be here tomorrow to talk about it, along with the rock, dwayne johnson. >> they're an interesting pairing. >> yes, interesting combination. you recreated that moment in the australian alps a couple years ago. look. >> well, that was a silly moment.
9:31 am
>> yes. >> we were doing a story about "the sound of music." but you know, that wasn't the best moment, actually, because not only did we get to twirl and look at aidle vice and all that, but our cameraman, anthony derosa, also did the twirl and he actually did not know that the camera -- so, he was a better sight than me. but it was so fun to be there in the alps. >> i want to hear you sing. >> i think maybe not. anyway, it was a lot of fun. so, julie andrews, i mean, who doesn't love her, really? i know, exactly. coming up, another story we've been talking about today -- where is tiger woods? you know, he hasn't been seen since he announced his self-imposed exile from the game. there are rumors that he's now being treated for sex addiction at a famed center in hattiesburg, mississippi. >> and how to dress up without breaking the bank. one outfit you can wear to breakfast, lunch with your girlfriends, a romantic dinner. we'll have a stylist tell us how
9:32 am
to take one dress and make it very useful across the board. >> it's all about the accessories, what you put on with it. >> that's right. plus, in the kitchen, one of the hottest latina chefs around, laura garcia is going to show us how to make latin steak with all of the sides. i can't wait. those are my favorite. >> we'll be up to having a taste test soon. >> exactly. before we get to all that, let's go to al, who's in los angeles covering the rains there that are really dangerous and scary. hey, al. >> hey, guys. that's right, we've gotten some heavy rain right now, but this is nothing compared to what's offshore and waiting to come in later this afternoon. over almost 500 homes have been evacuated, including this one, the constant family home in la canada flintridge. and the mud continues to slide down these mountains because this is just near the location of the station fire from last year, and of course, there's no vegetation to absorb the moisture. and so, the hillsides, the topsoil runs off in the form of mud. so, really rough stuff. let's take a look, see what's
9:33 am
happening over the next couple of days. for today, we're looking at really strong storms along the gulf coast, lower mississippi river valley. could be some isolated tornadoes there. sunshine along the eastern seaboard. icy conditions in the northern mississippi river valley. wet weather up and down the west coast. tomorrow, more rain for the west, heavy rain in southern california. a risk of strong storms in northern florida on into southern georgia and mississippi and alabama. we're looking at sunshine i >> the weather should be fairly quiet today. a 30% chance for a light rain or snow shower. basically just a mixture of clouds and
9:34 am
all right, guys, back to you. >> we miss you, al. >> we want you back here. >> yeah. >> are you coming back tonight? >> i don't know. i'm not coming back tonight, guys. i'm here at least through tomorrow. >> all right, well, listen, you stay dry as much as possible. we miss you here. >> all right. >> miss you guys, too. >> we'll see you, hopefully, tomorrow, al. thank you. coming up next, is tiger woods trying to tame a sex addiction? we're going to check into reports that he's in treatment. . if perfection is what you pursue, this just might change your course. meet the new class of world class. the twenty-ten lacrosse, from buick. may the best car win.
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now to the latest on tiger woods. a new pro golf season is under way and there is still no sign on the fairways of the world's number one golfer. he continues his indefinite leave from the game amid some new reports that he's sought treatment for sex addiction. nbc's ron mott is in hattiesburg, mississippi, with more on this story. hey, ron, good morning. >> reporter: hey, ann, good morning to you. this complex behind me became an instant tourist attraction and paparazzi magnet the very moment it was even mentioned that tiger woods might have checked in, creating a lot of buzz and activity to see if that rumor actually checks out. according to published reports, tiger woods is taking a swing at sex rehab after a parade of women marched on to the front page claiming to have extramarital affairs with the golf superstar. >> these places are incredibly intense. >> reporter: the author of "america anonymous," a "new york times" contributor and
9:39 am
recovering sex addict, has visited the treatment center in mississippi where tiger has reportedly turned for help. >> my sources confirmed what other sources reported over the weekend, including the local nbc affiliate in mississippi, that tiger woods has checked himself into the pine grove treatment center in mississippi. >> reporter: from looks alone, pine grove behavioral health and addiction services sits at the polar opposite of the lavish lifestyle woods is more accustomed to, but experts say the low-key location and highly regarded reputation are precisely what makes it attractive for celebrities like woods, especially considering how difficult therapy can be. >> it's very challenging to recover from sex addiction. it is a -- for many people, it's a lifelong process. >> reporter: much of the prints regarding this latest page-turn in the woods storybook was covered by local tv coverage in jackson, mississippi, in a whimsical odyssey the "associated press" writer chris talbott took readers on, asking where's tiger? >> everybody wants to talk about it. it's just no one has any real
9:40 am
ideas about whether he's there or not. >> reporter: if nothing else, woods has maintained hush-hush privacy since wrecking his cadillac suv in the early-morning hours the day after thanksgiving, but that's not stopped all the chatter about his wife elin and whether she's moved into this florida spread while contemplating divorce about whether alleged mistresses have been paid millions to keep quiet, about whether tiger will resume his chase of jack nicklaus' record number of majors, which tiger is close to tying, tabloids or not. >> they're fun for the general public to look at and everything, but until you see, you know, a little more meat in what they're writing, you just have to take things with a grain of salt. >> reporter: a grain of salt, indeed. there's been a reported sighting of tiger woods on horseback. some people claim to have seen his wife elin looking for a place to rent. so, all this is taken in stride. we can tell you, ann, this morning there's been a heavy
9:41 am
police presence at this complex behind me. back up to you. >> all right. ron mott this morning, thanks, ron. and coming up next, the art of accessorizing. how to change your look from day to night without changing your outfit, coming up right after this. time to get the latte budget under control. [ female announcer ] trying to be smart with the family budget? whooa!!!! [ female announcer ] let bounty help. it's thick and absorbent. in lab tests bounty absorbs twice as much as the bargain brand. why use more when you can use less? bring it. with bounty. the thick quicker picker-upper. if you did, your mouth will thank you. listerine® doesn't just wake up your senses. it doesn't just put a spring in your step.
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and great-tasting zavors. mmm. ♪ [ female announcer ] oscar mayer deli fresh meats. sliced, packed and sealed at the peak of freshness, they're impossible to resist. ah, you gonna eat all that? ♪ it doesn't get better than this ♪ i love you. this morning on "today's style," accessories for every occasion. if you're leading a busy life, going from work to a casual lunch to a night out on the town, wouldn't it be great to stay in the very same outfit?
9:45 am
jeannie mai from the style network's "how do i look" is here with different looks, simply by changing your accessories. you call this accessoright. what's that about? >> it's about accessories right so you can leave the office and never come home to appropriately dress for occasions. >> so, you put all the accessories in one bag and you have multiple out nitz there. >> and you never have to go home and change. biggest thing on "how do i look" is people thought they needed time or money for personal style. she knows about it. she's guilty as charged. she was a guest on "how do i look" and nicole thought she needed money to have personal style and i said, no, no, no. with the right accessories, you can dress it up. and was i right? >> yes, you were. >> you have all these accessories to dress nicole up for different occasions. first the work outfit, which we see her in, a more classic, tailored look. >> correct. started with the basic, the lbd,
9:46 am
little black dress. >> right. >> and the blazer. immediately, we take a pop of color with patterns. animal patterns are huge right now, so we threw this on with the scarf you can get for under $10. an ob belt is my favorite, the cinching to give you a form-fitting shape, earrings, of course, and then the signature statement, a little bit of a flower. now, this is a flower that's made by a favorite designer of mine called les jewelry, husband and wife duo. they created this out of recycled leather and metals. so you have a glamorous way to spruce up your outfit. >> and you can take it off. it's not part of the blazer. >> you're jumping ahead of me. >> just wondering. because you want to change the look. >> don't reveal all the secrets yet, nataly. almost there. >> so, the little black dress is the -- >> staple -- >> the key piece that pulls it all together. >> exactly. >> if she wants to make this look more casual. what would you do? . >> okay, so, we're going to take down the work outfit. remember, all this is in the bag. you leave work, going to lunch
9:47 am
th the ladies -- >> you have to carry a very big bag. >> and we all have that. come on, i've seen your bag, natalie. we'll take off the blazer, switch up the hair and throw on a head band -- >> take off the earrings. >> now. the head band, i like the splash of color. >> especially with the black dress. >> yes. we take a signature belt like this. and belts run maybe like $30, $40? this was $5. >> wow. >> you can find it at any target, h&m, forever 21. >> that's great. >> put on a staple, chunky ring, which is staple right now, especially if you're having a ma moccia for lunch. >> i imagine she'll have a few of them. >> exactly. i'm going to have lunch with you, natalie, gosh! >> yeah. so, you carry through, the black and the red. >> exactly. the reason i picked this necklace is because saving money here, i like to invest in more signature pieces. this is a necklace by night light jewelry. it's an organization that supports women that are rescued out of exploited situations in thailand. >> oh, that's great. >> so, here you have a statement necklace. you've invested a piece that means something to you and you
9:48 am
put personality in your outfit. >> you look great. ready for lunch, right? >> lunch with the ladies. >> and hold onto that big black bag because you're going to switch out. let's say you want to switch this look out and carry it out for the evening. >> the evening. >> hot date. >> maybe your husband made reservations for caviar and oysters, husbands out there, come on. what we're going to do is we're going to if you off the belt. >> okay. >> and we are going to switch it up with this necklace instead. let me take this one off. >> that's a big wardrobe change. >> i know, right? we haven't even went home to change for anything now. >> right. >> in the nighttime, i like to bling it up a bit. i love bling to frame your face and add a little glitz and glamour. >> beautiful, yep. >> so, this is something that dresses it up immediately. okay? and then we're going to add a bangle, something really easy to accent that pop of color. >> right. >> okay, and then the next thing is, we're bringing business back. do you remember the business -- >> yep, the belt. >> we're going to switch it. buy a reversible belt so you can immediately change the pattern,
9:49 am
and hello, always stay on trend with the animal print. >> okay, and it's a 2 for 1, two belts for one. >> exactly. and natalie, you know how us ladies get cold at night. you get cold easily. >> yes. she knows me so well. >> i don't want to lug around a blanket. so, here we go. we have taken the scarf from business, bringing business back -- and put it on as a pagmina instead. and are you ready for this? we're taking the earrings you had on earlier and we're going to actually clip it onto the shoes -- >> oh. >> so you have a fabulous shoe accessory for the rest of the day. >> there you go. another 2 for 1 use, multipurpose. >> exactly. >> you guys look great. great swapping out her outfits here. good job. >> easy way to show every woman you can look fantastic, exactly like on "how do i look?" >> thank you. up next, skirt steak with a
9:50 am
9:51 am
9:52 am
>> announcer: "today's kitchen" is brought to you by oscar mayer deli fresh cold cuts. we're on a mission to spread good news. >> "today's hot chef" is heating things up with latin flavor. we have venezuelan born lorna garcia. lorena, good morning to you. >> yes! >> it smells fantastic, and what you've done is you've chosen, basically, skirt steak. >> that's right. well, it is a very latin dish. we serve it with rice, with beans. it's just amazing. what we want to do is bring love, right? >> love. >> because this is what happens in the kitchen, the magic of love right here. >> okay. >> for our friends, for our family. so, this is the skirt steak, okay? and you can see the marbling inside is going to give it flavor, and at the same time, it's a very tender meat. >> and you can have the butcher cut it slim if you want for that to happen. >> now, what i would like to do, for example, if i cut it in half
9:53 am
and then serve it after it's cooked, i roll it and serve it -- >> and you'll show us that in a moment. so, just salt and pepper. that's all you do with this. >> salt and paper. the grill has to be hot, guys. it has to be hot. >> really, really hot, right? >> really, really hot. once you start seeing the smoke. we don't need any oil, actually. so, what i do is i put it on the grill and then i start seasoning the other side of the meat, right? >> okay, how long? >> two, three minutes, medium rare. >> a nice look -- look at that. okay, that is nice. >> that is a nice piece of meat, right? >> 13 minutes on both sides. >> i like to serve it medium, medium-rare. now, how about chimmy churi that is very sweet. i take equal parts of sugar, slice the red peppers and i chop them very finally, okay? let me put this right here. so, you chop them very finally. remember that you're only going to lift the elbow of the knife, okay? >> yes, uh huh. >> you know, just cutting
9:54 am
technique, okay? we chop it very finally and then we're going to have capers, garlic, a little bit of onions. so, if you want to help me here -- >> capers, garlic, onion. >> garlic, onion -- >> whoa! >> let's go for it parsley, of course. if you don't like parsley, cilantro goes well. i love cilantro. >> who doesn't? >> you either love it or hate it. i love it. >> and this is basically going to be the sauce on top of the steak, is that right? >> yes, now, remember i said equal parts of vinegar and sugar? >> right. >> we're going to take the juice, the vinegar that is a little bit sweet and dump it in there with a little bit of olive oil. >> oh, this is going to be so flavorful. >> you want to taste it? >> i do. this whole bowl? >> yes. >> come on. >> this is how it's going to look, the steaks. >> this is what it's going to look like. >> i'm so excited! >> isn't it? >> come on in here, natalie. >> i can't hold out any longer. i've been waiting all morning for this, for you. >> this is perfect. how do we serve this? >> serve with a little bit of
9:55 am
black beans. if you have tostonis, please have those, which is a green plant. how about a little rice? and then what i'm going to do is grab a little bit of this -- let me grab this. a little bit of this chimichurri sauce right on top. just roll it, don't cut it. >> stop salivating out there. the entire crew is salivating. also, i notice how you >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> the time is 9:54, and here is a look at one of our top stories. usns comfort is not within sight of the haitian coast, but two patients from the divested island have arrived. a man and a child were airlifted to the floating hospital last night. more patients will rise throughout the day as the ship arrives.
9:56 am
9:57 am
>> the weather should be pretty quiet on this wednesday, a mixture of clouds and sunshine as we had through the day. there is a slight chance of showers this month, but for most of you, this will be a dry day. high temperature of around 44. a mixture of light rain and sleet and snow possible starting
9:58 am
on thursday, off and on through friday morning. >> we will see you back here
9:59 am

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